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Round or square, flat or stuffed, thick crust or thin, slathered in pork products or simply covered in cheese, pizza just might be the most perfect food ever invented.” Alan Richman for GQ Magazine.

As a child, my family and I regularly went for pizza on a Friday night. Extra thin and crispy crust, light on the cheese, with Italian sausage and mushrooms was the go to choice for my parents that I developed a taste for. That said, I appreciate a good ZA in most forms, as long as it’s not a pre-made frozen variety or from some national chain. I opt for the local, off-beat independent hole-in-the-wall types and I don’t need fancy toppings either.  In-fact, I think over-topping a pizza is definitely a bad thing. Simply, real, fresh mozzarella or other cheese like feta or fontina – no cheap imitation cheese please, fresh natural tomato sauce if it’s a red pie and good quality EVOO are my prerequisites.

Last weekend I stopped at one of my little local hole-in-the-walls to grab some freshly made crust ready to bake. Yes I half cheated, but was it worth it. I made a veggie sausage like stuffing with caramelized red onions, used fresh tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella and it was delicious. During his college years, my husband worked at Papa John’s (I am in NO WAY indicating that I like Papa John’s because I most certainly loathe it). However, that experience did render my husband pretty decent at tossing and prepping a pizza. On the other hand, his DIY or survival skills may be wanting…but I digress.

Back the PIZZA:

NB. For the veggie sausage, I roasted chick peas, parsnips, red pepper with fresh rosemary, oregano, ground fennel seeds and garlic then roughly pulsed in food processor. This was then combined with caramelized red onions.




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